Citywide Santa Monica Curfew is in Effect at 2:00 p.m. on June 2nd through 5:30 a.m. June 3rd. 

A Phased Approach to Reopening Santa Monica

May 13, 2020
by Erin Taylor

A Phased Approach to Reopening Santa Monica

In partnership with the County of Los Angeles, the City of Santa Monica has begun the process to gradually reopen businesses and facilities while safeguarding public health.

LA County has established a five-stage reopening process and identified the following four indicators to guide the region through reopening:

  • Ensuring health care system capacity
  • Protecting vulnerable populations
  • Ensuring public health capacity to test, trace and isolate cases
  • Developing protocols to keep workers and residents safe

We all have a role to play as we recover together. Please remember that if each of us takes every measure to protect ourselves and others, our recovery will be faster and stronger. COVID-19 is presently the leading cause of death in LA County, and Santa Monica now has more than 200 COVID-19 cases. Washing your hands, physically distancing, wearing a face covering, and staying home when you are sick are simple ways to save lives.  

Let’s walk through the stages we can expect in the days, weeks, and months ahead as we move through reopening, together.

Stage One

This was the implementation of the Safer at Home Order, which began the physical distancing protocol, the prohibition of events and gatherings, and closure of non-essential businesses and areas.

Stage Two

We are in this stage. LA County trails and golf courses have reopened, and some retailers have reopened for curbside pickup (e.g. bookstores, sporting goods stores, florists, toy stores, music stores, and bookstores). Individuals and businesses must adhere to physical distancing and infection control protocols like face coverings.

LA County has also made changes to beach access for limited recreation activities. Please review Santa Monica’s beach facility information before you visit.

Soon, other low-risk businesses will reopen (like manufacturers, offices, and more retail), along with essential health care, outdoor recreation, libraries, museums, cultural centers, and art galleries. For more information, visit the Business Resources Page.

Stage Three

Further down the road, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, higher-risk businesses (like body art, massage, and bars/nightclubs), movie theatres, bowling alleys, aquatics, camps, playfields, gyms and organized sports will reopen as part of stage 3. There will also be limits on the number of people who can gather. This stage includes the City’s recreational facilities, gyms, courts and fields.

Stage Four

During this stage, the highest risk businesses like sporting events and concerts will reopen. It’s difficult to anticipate when this will happen. 

Stage Five

Finally, when there are few or no new cases and rates of hospitalization are low, all businesses should be able to reopen normal operations.

For more information, visit the L.A. County Department of Public Health. Santa Monica will continue to update as LA County releases more information.

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