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Safety Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

August 17, 2020 9:00 AM
by Lindsay B. Call

Safety Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

With temperatures rising, stay cool during warmer temperatures and heatwaves! If you plan to go outdoors, please remember that during extreme heat, the body has to work harder to maintain a normal temperature. Make sure you are prepared to ensure everyone stays healthy when temperatures soar. LA County sometimes activated emergency cooling centers. Information can be found at  

Because the health of children is our number one priority and many children are still ineligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, we still need them to keep them wearing masks in alignment with the revised Health Officer Order.

Here are some tips to keep cool this summer: 

✔️ Stay Hydrated 

  • Drink plenty of water, even if you aren’t thirsty. Avoid drinks with caffeine and alcohol. 
  • Do not share water bottles or canteens. 

✔️ Never Leave Children, Pets or Adults Alone in Closed Vehicles 

  • The temperature inside a parked vehicle can rapidly rise to a dangerous level for children, pets, and even adults. Leaving the windows slightly open does not significantly decrease the heating rate. 

✔️ Stay Indoors as Much as Possible and Limit Exposure to the Sun 

  • In all heat events, it’s best to avoid strenuous activity during the warmest parts of the day, which is generally 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. You are safest at home, but if you are outside, take frequent breaks, find shade, wear light clothing and a hat, and use sunscreen.  
  • Notify 9-1-1 if trouble breathing may be shortness of breath 
  • Keep busy and productive at home. Read up on tips from LA County or explore Santa Monica Public Library’s digital services to access ebooks, streaming videos, and digital magazines. 

✔️ Stay Informed on Temporary Closures and Reopenings of Outdoor and Public Facilities

  • Beaches, beach bike paths, the Pier, Palisades Park, public trails, and beach access points, including Ocean Front Walk, are open. 
  • Sign up for SaMoNews (emailed updates from the City), and/or SMAlerts (critical emergency information). 

✔️ Take Steps to Prepare Your Home if You Don't Have Air Conditioning 

  • Cover windows that receive morning or afternoon sun with drapes, shades, or awnings. 
  • Consider making temporary window reflectors, such as aluminum foil-covered cardboard, to place between windows and drapes. 
  • With temperatures starting to climb, consider readying your household for the summer by purchasing a window air conditioner and insulation. Use attic fans to remove your home’s heat.  If temperatures are above 95 degrees outside, do not use electric fans as they could increase the risk of heat-related illness.  
  • Taking a cool bath and staying hydrated can help you stay cool when temperatures increase indoors. 

✔️ Know the Facts  

  • Know the signs and symptoms of heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps. Call 9-1-1 immediately if you or a loved one is experiencing signs and symptoms of heatstroke.  
  • Children, older adults, pets, and athletes— are more vulnerable to extreme heat. Monitor family members and connect virtually with friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Call and check on loved ones and neighbors who don’t have air conditioning. Check if they are experiencing any signs of heat-related illness and provide recommended guidance. 

✔️  Be Prepared and Learn More: 

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