Standing United Against Hate Through Community Action and Education

November 14, 2023 3:06 PM
by Lisa Parson

Santa Monica began observing United Against Hate Week in 2020 to encourage and empower Santa Monicans to stand against bigotry. Since then, there have unfortunately been many waves of hate-driven incidents. These incidents are affecting groups as diverse as those who call Santa Monica home - in the past year, we've witnessed attacks targeting members of the Black, Jewish, and LGBTQ+ communities on our city’s streets. Unfortunately, these incidents are on the rise, with the last four weeks seeing more reports of hate crimes than in the last several months. 

Hate crimes go beyond hurting just the people directly involved. They cast a shadow over our entire community by creating a sense of mistrust and anxiety that makes us all feel less safe and secure. It's essential for us to realize that our diversity is our strength, and we can all play a role in helping to address incidents of bias in our community. 

This year and every year, let's be vigilant, support one another, and strive to make Santa Monica a place where everyone feels safe and valued. If you notice anything unusual, call 911 or contact Santa Monica’s 311 team, familiarize yourself with the 5 D’s of Bystander Intervention, and help us spread the message that hate has no place here.

For more resources and information on United Against Hate Week, please see this blog post.

Authored By

Lisa Parson
Project Manager