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The City Held the First Workshop on Objective Design Standards

The City of Santa Monica has received funding from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) through the Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) grant program to help accelerate housing production as part of the solution to address the State's housing crisis. The project will evaluate the City's policies and development standards with a focus on improving the Bergamot Area Plan area, and develop objective design/development standards in coordination with the 6th Cycle Housing Element Implementation.

As part of the initial phase of the project, the City hosted a virtual workshop to inform community members and stakeholders about the project. The workshop took place on Monday, August 22nd. A recording of the workshop, along with presentation materials, can be found below:

August 22 Workshop Recording



Review the Adopted 6th Cycle Housing Element for 2021 to 2029!

On Tuesday, October 11th, 2022, the City Council reviewed and adopted the final draft of the 6th Cycle Housing Element. Following adoption, the City submitted the Housing Element to HCD for certification. On October 14th, 2022, HCD sent a letter to the City of Santa Monica deeming the adopted 6th Cycle Housing Element to be in full compliance with State Housing Element Law (see letter below). 

Following certification, Staff will continue their efforts in implementing the programs of the Housing Element. For information on upcoming study sessions and hearings, please check out the "Upcoming Events".

 Download and read a copy of the Adopted Plan below

September 2022 Adopted 6th Cycle Housing Element (2021 to 2029)

September 2022 Final Draft of the 6th Cycle Housing Element (2021 to 2029)[Redlines]

HCD Letter Deeming a Compliant Adopted Housing Element 10/14/22

June 2022 Draft of the 6th Cycle Housing Element (2021 to 2029)

June 2022 Draft of the 6th Cycle Housing Element (2021 to 2029) [Redlines]

SSI Form Transmitted to HCD (September 2022)

(To display SSI form: Download and open the document, select "View" > "Unhide" in the top tool bar)

HCD Letter Deeming a Compliant Draft Housing Element 9/6/22

Appendix A - Outreach Summary

Appendix B - Housing Needs Assessment

Appendix C - LUCE Goals and Policies

Appendix D - Housing Resources

Appendix E - Constraints on Housing

Appendix E - Constraints on Housing (REDLINE)

Appendix F - Report on Suitable Sites Inventory Analysis

Appendix F - Report on Suitable Sites Inventory Analysis (REDLINE)

Appendix G - Review of Past Performance

Appendix H - Opportunities for Energy Conservation

Appendix I - 2020 Assessment of Fair Housing

The City of Santa Monica has Released the Final Housing Element EIR for Public Review

The Final Environmental Impact Report (Final EIR) for the 6th Cycle Housing Element has been completed and is available for review online. The Final EIR responds to the comments received on the Draft EIR and includes the Draft EIR with text revisions. The Final EIR will be submitted to the City Planning Commission and City Council for requested certification and action on the Project. A virtual online Planning Commission public hearing for the project will be held on September 24, 2021. Subsequent to certification, an Addendum to the Final EIR was prepared in October 2022 to address the revisions made to the Housing Element.

Final Housing Element EIR

Addendum to the Housing Element EIR (October 2022)

Appendix A - Notice of Preparation, Scoping Summary, Initial Study

Appendix B - Air Quality and HGH Report

Appendix C – Health Risk Assessment

Appendix D – Historic Architectural Resources Report

Appendix E – Energy Calculations

Appendix F – Noise Calculations

Appendix G – Transportation Study

Appendix H – AB 52 Construction

Appendix I – Mobility Division Survey Results

Appendix J – Comment Letters Received on the Draft EIR

Draft Housing Element EIR

The Draft Suitable Sites Inventory

Interactive Map of Suitable Sites

Components of the Housing Element

The components of the Housing Element are largely dictated by the State and typically must include:

  • A detailed analysis of the City’s demographic, economic, and housing characteristics.
  • A comprehensive analysis of the barriers to producing and preserving housing.
  • A review of the City’s progress in implementing current housing policies and programs.
  • An identification of goals, objectives, and policies, in addition to a full list of programs that will implement the vision of the plan.
  • A list of sites (aka the Suitable Sites Inventory) that could accommodate new housing, demonstrating the City’s ability to meet the quantified housing number established in the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA). Identification of a site’s capacity does not guarantee that construction will occur on that site. If there are insufficient sites and capacity to meet the RHNA allocation, then the Housing Element is required to identify a rezoning program to create the required capacity.

Schedule for Updating the Housing Element

As required by State law, the revised Housing Element must be certified by the Santa Monica City Council no later than October 15, 2021, or the City of Santa Monica could lose eligibility for significant sources of State funding. The City’s anticipated timeline and steps for revising the Housing Element can be found on the Project Timeline page

Contact the planning team directly at  HousingUpdate@smgov.net.

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