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Recently Approved Streamlined Housing Projects

This list of projects provides the status of approved and recently streamlined housing projects. For information on what types of projects are eligible for streamlining and the expected timeframes for review and approval, see this guide on Streamlined Housing Projects

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Adopted 6th Cycle Housing Element (2021-2029)

On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, the City Council reviewed and adopted the final draft of the 6th Cycle Housing Element. Following adoption, the City submitted the Housing Element to HCD for certification. On October 14th, 2022, HCD sent a letter to the City of Santa Monica deeming the adopted 6th Cycle Housing Element to be in full compliance with State Housing Element Law (see letter below).  

Download and read a copy of the Adopted Plan below

HCD Letter Deeming a Compliant Adopted Housing Element (10/14/22)

September 2022 Adopted 6th Cycle Housing Element (2021 to 2029)

SSI Form Transmitted to HCD (To display SSI form: Download and open the document, select "View" > "Unhide" in the top tool bar)

Technical Assistance Letter to HCD

On April 12, 2023, City Staff at the direction of City Council received at the February 22, 2023 meeting submitted a letter to HCD requesting technical assistance regarding a potential amendment to the Certified 6th Cycle Housing Element. See below for a link to the letter and attachments sent to HCD.

April 12, 2023 Letter to HCD

Suitable Sites Inventory

Interactive Map of Suitable Sites

Final Housing Element EIR

The Final Environmental Impact Report (Final EIR) for the 6th Cycle Housing Element was certified by the City Council on October 12, 2021. The Final EIR responds to the comments received on the Draft EIR and includes the Draft EIR with text revisions. Subsequent to certification, an Addendum to the Final EIR was prepared in October 2022 to address the revisions made to the Housing Element in response to HCD comments.

Final Housing Element EIR

Addendum to the Housing Element EIR