Extreme Weather Preparedness in Santa Monica

Santa Monica may experience extreme weather events like heat waves, heavy rains and flooding, thunderstorms and lightning, and damaging windstorms. Human-caused climate change is associated with widespread changes in weather patterns, with extreme weather events becoming more frequent or more intense. Find more information about Santa Monica's most frequent weather events below.

Extreme Heat Events

Heat-related injuries can be serious and are linked to the highest number of disaster deaths nationwide. Excessive heat condition impacts are largely preventable. Protect yourself and others by staying cool, staying hydrated and monitoring your health. Check in on loved ones and neighbors who may not have access to air conditioning.  Here are some tips to the beat the heat in Santa Monica

If extreme heat and cold events meet predefined thresholds for an extended period of time, Santa Monica and the County of Los Angeles may jointly coordinate to set-up augmented cooling and warming centers at various locations. Cooling and warming center information can be found via the Ready LA County-Adverse Weather page or by call 2-1-1.

Thunderstorm and Wind Events

Heavy, prolonged rainfall and thunderstorms along the California coast can result in coastal and large-scale urban flooding. Monitor weather reports via www.weather.gov and take action if an active weather alert is issued for Santa Monica. If major rain events are in the forecast, stay home as much as possible. Never drive through standing water or areas closed by public officials. 

Thunderstorms and other weather events, like windstorms, can have additional impacts such as power outages and downed trees and power lines. Avoid downed power lines and anything that may be touching them - especially water. If power outages are detected, please contact SoCal Edison for outage updates via SCE.com/outage. Stay updated on local weather impacts by signing up for SMAlerts notifications.

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