Safe Streets for 17th Street and Michigan Avenue


Since the opening of the Metro Expo Line, 17th Street has experienced an increase of 1600% and 82% in pedestrian and bicycle traffic respectively. The project design plays a critical role in promoting safer and more accessible urban environments for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists alike. Investing in high quality transportation and mobility options is a crucial step toward building healthier communities aimed at tackling climate change and promoting sustainability. On 17th Street from Wilshire to Pico, the project will construct: 

On Michigan Avenue from 14th Street to 19th Street, the project will extend the MANGo design and construct enhancements to make the street more conducive for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The project will add: 

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Project Materials, Announcements, and Downloads 

Ribbon Cutting Invite - 12/2/2023

Project Brochure - 07/20/2023

Video - How to use the Protected Intersection

Project Updates and Modifications - 6/1/2023

Project Handout

Staff Report - 07/24/2018

Staff Report - 06/08/2021