Over 200 Santa Monica Jobs from over 70 Santa Monica Employers Listed on Local Jobs Board

August 24, 2021 12:28 PM

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,400 Santa Monicans (7.9%) are unemployed as of July 2021 down from a record high of 15.8% unemployment in May 2020.  As everyone heads back to school and new routines take shape, Santa Monicans are urged to apply for jobs at santamonica.gov/hirelocal.   


The open positions include a wide range of expertise and interest areas and many are available for immediate hire throughout the city.  From the arts to hospitality, housing to education, law to property management, there is something for every age and stage of life.  Scoop ice cream at Soda Jerks on the Pier, bring your legal skills to a local law firm, or play an important role in the arts.  Here’s a sampling of positions posted right now:  

“Amazing people make this City run!” said Mayor Sue Himmelrich.  “If you are looking for a job, we want to help connect you to local employers.  Take a look at local job listings on our website, and let’s hire local, Santa Monica!” 


Local employers have an immediate need for part- and full-time staff due to hiring challenges that are happening nationally resulting from COVID-19.  Job listings at santamonica.gov/hirelocal are updated on a biweekly basis and a biweekly email is sent to over 800 interested job seekers. Employers can also visit this website to add a local job opportunity. This effort is part of the City of Santa Monica’s commitment to accelerating economic recovery and boosting our local economy. A full list of local employment preparation, job search, career training classes and programs, and tech trainings are also listed on the website at santamonica.gov/hirelocal.

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