Crime Reports and Statistics

The Santa Monica Police Department strives to provide transparency on police activities, departmental policies, training materials, and agency practices. We are committed to openness, accountability, and integrity. We want to ensure all materials can be made easily available to the public.

SMPD continues to look for new ways to enhance our community engagement efforts.  We offer crime alerts and information in various forms which include: Press Releases via the City News Desk, Online Crime Mapping, SMAlerts, Facebook, TwitterNextdoor, and Instagram is no longer displaying data related to criminal activity in Santa Monica. was a service provided through our current Computer Aided Dispatch / Records Management System (CAD-RMS). The Santa Monica Police Department will be transitioning to a new CAD-RMS program. Once that program is established and fully functional, there will be a new mapping system that will be available to the public. Until then, crime information in Santa Monica is still available through the City’s open data portal.  

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