City Council Re-Adopts Emergency Ordinance Prohibiting Certain Items at Community Events and Public Assemblies

July 22, 2022 10:25 AM

At a special meeting last night, the Santa Monica City Council re-adopted an emergency ordinance prohibiting carrying, using, or possessing specified items at public assemblies and community events to promote public safety and welfare. The ordinance is virtually identical to the emergency ordinance that the Council previously adopted on August 24, 2021, which expired on June 30, 2022. The ordinance is effective immediately.

Santa Monica supports peaceful protests, public assemblies, community events, and the rights of individuals to engage in expressive activities in public forums such as sidewalks, streets, and public parks. 

The ordinance recognizes the need to promote the safety and welfare of those who engage in First Amendment activities as well as the safety and welfare of residents, businesses, and visitors who encounter and are affected by such events.  The re-adoption of the emergency ordinance will continue to support the City’s efforts to best provide for the safety of everyone in Santa Monica.

Council directed that the emergency ordinance sunset on June 30, 2023, to allow for input from the Public Safety Reform and Oversight Commission (PSROC) before consideration of language for a permanent ordinance.

The list of 19 prohibited items is listed in the ordinance at

For more information, see the staff report at

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