City Council Adopts Priorities and Provides Direction for 2023-2025 Biennial Budget Process

March 11, 2023 4:37 PM

Today, the Santa Monica City Council held a special session to set council priorities for the next two years to guide the development of the 2023-2025 biennial budget. In a unanimous vote, the City Council adopted the following as the most important areas of focus:

“Today’s process provided the opportunity to reflect on the work of recent years and to look ahead to what is most important for our community,” said Mayor Gleam Davis. “We will continue to address homelessness, promote a clean and safe Santa Monica, and cultivate our economic recovery. Today, the Council chose to also include the expansion of community and cultural offerings as part of our economic recovery, and to further racial justice, equity, social diversity, and a sustainable and connected community.”

The City Council also provided unanimous direction on proposed FY 2023-25 budget items, including:

Allocation of Measure CS funds: Expanding the Homeless Liaison Program with the Police Department; expanding the homeless multidisciplinary outreach team beyond the Downtown and Beach; expanding to 24/7 intakes at SAMOSHEL interim housing; continuing Clean & Safe programs in Police, Public Works, Code Enforcement, and Parking; and providing for short term rental enforcement.

Homelessness Strategic Plan: Developing an interdepartmental plan to address homelessness that builds on the City’s Four Pillars framework that considers recommendations from the Moss Adams Audit on Homelessness, sets clear policy direction, promotes alignment across City stakeholders, supports regional efforts, improves focus on measurable objectives and reporting, increases internal alignment for effective and expedient implementation of new resources, and utilizes one-time CS funds.

Organizational Realignment to Support Priorities: The Housing and Human Services Department would become the organization point for homelessness services and programs, which would enable the city to rapidly achieve Measures CS, GS and Audit objectives, and provide core focus and leadership on administering a comprehensive array of housing, educational, and social services programs in addition to investments to support vulnerable populations.

The Recreation and Culture Department would create capacity and leadership around recreational partnership opportunities addressing conflicts between demand and capacity for recreational amenities, enable the ability to focus on the future of the Miles Memorial Playhouse and Camera Obscura buildings, and elevate arts and cultural affairs work in economic revitalization and social equity.

Resource Reallocation for Restorations: Supporting public, free, art and cultural programming and events through the Art of Recovery program; further restoring library hours and services; increasing capacity of youth programs; continue funding Playground Club; establishing RRR low-income rate program; creating a Small Business Tenant Improvement Fund; restoring planning and economic development staffing to support economic development; and designate 2% of earnings from the out of home wayfinding agreement to a diversity, equity and inclusion fund.

“As we plan for the Fiscal Year 2023-2025 Biennial Budget, we want to ensure our budget reflects Santa Monica’s priorities and values,” said City Manager David White. “As Santa Monica continues to recover, we will allocate resources and realign the organization to meet the challenges and priorities of our time.”

The next steps in the budget process include the Sustainability Report Card and Sustainable City Plan Updates at the March 14 Council Meeting; FY 2022-23 Midyear Budget Review at the April 11, 2023, Council Meeting; a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Update at the April 25, 2023, Council Meeting; the Annual Report on Homelessness at the May 9, 2023, Council Meeting; followed by the publication of the Proposed FY 2023-25 Biennial Operating Budget and FY 2023-24 Proposed Capital Improvement Program Budget at the May 15, 2023, Council Meeting; followed by the FY 2023-25 Budget Study Session at the May 23, 2023, Council Meeting; and concluding with budget adoption at June 27, 2023, Council Meeting.

For more information, see today’s Staff Report. An audio recording will be posted to the City’s Youtube channel later today. For City Council agendas and meetings, visit

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