State certifies Surplus Land Act compliance for Civic Auditorium

November 22, 2023 12:48 PM

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Nov. 22, 2023) — The California Housing and Community Development Department has officially certified the city’s compliance with the Surplus Land Act for the Civic Auditorium site.

The City Council voted to declare the Civic Auditorium as surplus land in October 2022. Since that time, the city has complied with the Surplus Land Act process.

The process included issuing a Notice of Availability to Eligible Entities — other public agencies and prospective affordable housing developers that have registered with the state for specified uses, including affordable housing, parks and recreation and schools — and negotiating in good faith with any Eligible Entity that submitted a Notice of Intent to purchase or lease the land. These negotiations did not result in a disposition or lease of the site.

With the state certification that the Surplus Land Act process is complete, the city could now consider proposals for the site from any interested party.

Options for the future of this site are being evaluated along with next steps. More information will be provided to the public once it becomes available.

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