How to Electrify Your Home

"Electrification" is the process of replacing appliances that burn fossil fuels with electric alternatives. Since most Santa Monica properties receive electricity from the Clean Power Alliance, powering buildings and vehicles with electricity is a great way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the climate. 

Switching to electric appliances to cook our food and power our buildings also improves both indoor and outdoor air quality, protecting the health of building occupants and the entire community. 

All property types can stake steps to electrify, and there are many rebates and incentives to help cover the cost of this transition. When determining what steps are right for you, there are several questions to consider: 

Santa Monica recently partnered with QuitCarbon. QuitCarbon provides free expert guidance on heat pumps, mini splits, water heaters, induction cooking, EV chargers, solar, batteries, and more. They help homeowners maximize their rebates & savings and connect with the best local contractors - all at no cost. 

Or, if you want to do it on your own, check out the steps below to learn how you can electrify your home or business. 

Continue the Process:
  1. Find a contractor

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    The Switch is On has created a Contractor Directory of companies that can perform electrification projects. This list is provided for convenience only and is not associated with the City of Santa Monica. 

    The statewide TECH Clean California program has developed an interactive Heat Pump Water Heater and Heat Pump HVAC Contractor Directory that allows users to sort for contractors by county. 

  2. Find rebates, incentives, and financing options

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    Federal, state, and local incentives will help you save on your project. These incentives include direct rebates, tax credits and affordable loans. Many of these incentives are stackable to ensure maximum savings. Click here to learn more about these incentives.

  3. Apply for a City permit (if necessary) and complete installation

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    To install a heat pump HVAC system, heat pump water heater, electrical panel upgrade, induction stove, heat pump clothes dryer, or EV charging station you must work with a licensed contractor with a Santa Monica Business License to complete the permitting and installation process. Most single-family residential projects requiring a Single-Trade Building Permit or a Combination Building Permit are able to submit for same-day review at the Building Permit Counter.

    Other electrification projects, like purchasing an e-bike or a portable induction cooktop, do not require a permit or inspection.

  4. Complete inspection

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    If a permit is required for your project, your contractor will need to schedule an inspection with the Building & Safety Division after the project has been completed. If you experience delays in receiving your permit, please reach out to with your permit number.