How to Submit an Electrify Santa Monica Rebate Application

The Electrify Santa Monica Rebate Program is currently NOT accepting new applications as we roll into the new fiscal year. Please check back in at a later date.

We are excited to offer rebates that will help you to electrify your daily life and live more sustainably. Electrifying is one of the most impactful steps you can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in and outside of your home. 

The City is supporting transportation electrification by offering rebates on e-bikes and electric vehicle chargers and supporting every resident in making the switch to induction cooking by offering a rebate on portable induction cooktops through the Electrify Santa Monica rebate program.  You can view available Electrify Santa Monica rebates here.  

Higher rebate amounts are available for qualifying low-income residents to switch out gas equipment for new all-electric equipment. To learn about low-income rebate eligibility, click here.

Each applicant is eligible for one rebate per appliance type per address, allowing you to get money back on a range of upgrades. 

For information on state and federal incentives for electrification projects, which can be stacked with Electrify Santa Monica rebates, click here.  

Not sure if you should make the switch to an all-electric appliance? To learn more about the benefits of making the switch to all-electric appliances in your home, visit

Applications will be accepted until rebate funds are exhausted.  

If you are interested in installing a heat pump water heater or heat pump HVAC system, you can find incentives through the TECH Clean California Program.

Continue the Process:

Please follow the steps below to apply for your rebate 

  1. Complete the application

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    You can apply for the Electrify Santa Monica Rebate Program here.

    For additional program details and rebate amounts, click here.

  2. Receive confirmation of rebate award and next steps

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    Staff will review your rebate application and contact you via e-mail with confirmation of your rebate award. Once you receive confirmation that your Electrify Santa Monica application has been approved, you must take the following steps:

    If you applied for a rebate for an EV charging station, you must work with a licensed contractor with a Santa Monica Business license to complete the permitting and installation process. Please submit proof of a permit application (your assigned permit number) within six weeks of your rebate award confirmation.  

    If you applied for a rebate for an e-bike or portable induction cooktop, no permit or inspection is required. Please submit proof of purchase within four weeks of your rebate award confirmation.  

  3. Inspection

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    If a permit is required for your project, your contractor will need to schedule an inspection with the Building & Safety Division after the project has been completed. If you experience delays in receiving your permit, please reach out to with your permit number.  

  4. Submit documents to receive your rebate

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    Once you have completed your purchase or your project has been installed and the final inspection is complete, please submit the following documents to receive your rebate:

    • Proof of payment for equipment (paid invoice)
    • Proof of final inspection (if applicable)  

  5. Receive your rebate check

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    The City will confirm that all documentation has been received and then will issue the rebate check to the designated payee. Please allow 2-6 weeks for your rebate check to be issued. Payee will receive a Form 1099-MISC if the rebate amount given is equal to or greater than $600.