Electric Vehicle Charging Resources for Renters and Rental Property Owners

By 2035 all new passenger cars, trucks and SUVs sold in California will be zero emissions. This is a key component of meeting the state’s climate goals and our own climate goals here in Santa Monica. The City’s Climate Action & Adaptation Plan includes goals to increase electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and expand the use of EVs across Santa Monica, and the City’s EV Action Plan lays out pathways to accelerate this transition for all residents.  

While residents of single-family homes can more easily install a home EV charger, tenants in apartment buildings often face barriers due to limited electrical capacity, installation costs, and landlord opposition. Apartment owners often express concerns regarding electricity costs and the liability associated with providing EV charging stations in renter-occupied buildings. Roughly 70% of Santa Monica residents are renters, so it is important to facilitate their transition to electric vehicles and other forms of sustainable transportation.  This page helps renters and landlords navigate EV charging access by answering common questions below. The Electrify Santa Monica rebate program offers funding to offset these costs for EV charger projects in multi-family buildings (properties with three or more units). 

California state law (Civil Code section 1947.6) requires landlords to approve tenant requests to install EV charging stations in their dedicated parking spaces so long as the tenant is willing to pay for the charging station and associated costs, including installation and utility costs. However, there are several exceptions to this law, including properties where:  

  1. Landlords have installed EV charging stations in at least 10% of the designated parking spaces; 
  2. Tenants are not provided parking in their lease agreement; and
  3. There are fewer than five parking spaces.

See answers to Frequently Asked Questions below and learn more about installing a home EV charging station.