Santa Monica City Council Approves Land Use Amendments to Implement City’s State-Certified Housing Element

March 23, 2023 2:03 PM

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – At Tuesday night’s meeting, the Santa Monica City Council took action to implement the City’s certified 6th Cycle Housing Element. City Council adopted amendments to the City’s Land Use Documents (Land Use and Circulation Element [LUCE], Bergamot Area Plan [BAP], Downtown Community Plan [DCP], Zoning Ordinance, and General Plan Land Use Map and Zoning Districting Map) to align with the Certified Housing Element and State-assigned housing allocation. Zoning code changes will go into effect 30 days after the second reading scheduled on April 11, 2023.

The Council's action supports new housing development in the City’s mixed-use and non-residential zones, with substantial emphasis on affordable housing production through the requirement for 15% of units to be provided as deed-restricted affordable units. With the adoption of updates to the Zoning Ordinance, the Council also incorporated lot consolidation limits for housing projects on portions of Main Street, Pico Boulevard, Montana Avenue, and Ocean Park Boulevard in order to balance existing commercial activity while ensuring that housing opportunities are available in each of these commercial districts.

“Ensuring the implementation of a compliant Housing Element paves the way for Santa Monica to address housing production,” says Mayor Gleam Davis. “We know that housing is critical to advancing community priorities including addressing homelessness. Santa Monica will continue to fulfill our State-mandated obligations while being thoughtful about housing affordability.”

Santa Monica’s State-certified 6th Cycle Housing Element:

The 6th Cycle Housing Element was approved by City Council at its October 11, 2022, meeting and certified by the California Department of Housing and Community Development on October 14, 2022. Two study sessions were held on February 22 and February 28, 2023, to discuss and direct amendments for implementation of the Housing Element. Implementation of Santa Monica’s Housing Element adds to recent progress to expand affordable housing including:

With the passage of the voter-approved Measure GS, more funding sources will become available to support affordable housing production.

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