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At Risk of Losing Housing

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At Risk of Losing Housing

If you have lost your home in Santa Monica within the past 12 months (or will within the coming 12 months), you may be eligible for a priority on the City's waitlists.  

Who is eligible to apply for priority housing assistance?

If you make very low to moderate income and have been displaced from your home in Santa Monica for one of the following reasons in the last 12 months (or will be in the coming 12 months), you may receive priority on the waitlist for the Section 8 voucher program or the Below Market Housing program, depending on your income:

  • A natural disaster has damaged the building you live in (e.g. flood, fire, storm, etc.)
  • You have had to leave your home because of domestic violence against yourself or someone you live with (VAWA)
  • Ellis Act: The property owner is seeking to remove your building from the rental market
  • You were evicted of a rent-controlled unit so that the property owner or a relative could move into your unit (owner-occupancy)
  • A government action related to code enforcement or public development forced you out of your home 
  • The building you live in has been condemned
  • You were evicted because of a mobile home closure
How to apply:

Email with a brief description of your situation and attach supporting documentation. Please apply to the above-mentioned programs online, but you will also need to email the displaced email address to let the Housing Division know that you've been displaced and to receive priority on the waitlists.

HOME Voucher Program

Are you worried about your rent and losing your home?

If you are having trouble paying your rent and worry about being evicted, you may be eligible for assistance through the City of Santa Monica’s HOME voucher program

In order to register for this program, you need to contact one of the local organizations listed below:

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA)
(310) 899-6200

The People Concern (formerly OPCC)
(310) 264-6646

St. Joseph Center
(310) 574-5510 x624

Wise & Healthy Aging - SENIORS ONLY
(310) 394-9871

    Homeless Resources & Program

    Are you and your family experiencing homelessness? 

    The Emergency Housing Vouchers program is launching in the Los Angeles region. Vouchers will be prioritized by the LA Coordinated Entry System, initially referring participants who are homeless, recently homeless, or fleeing domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking, as defined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and Los Angeles' Coordinated Entry System Policy Council. It is likely that most people eligible for this resource are already connected to the Coordinated Entry System and will be referred by case managers assigned to provide client housing support and connection. If, however, you think you are eligible for the program (please see the CES Interim Policy on Emergency Housing Voucher priority populations), please contact a Coordinated Entry System Access Center in your region. Please note that connection to the Coordinated Entry System does not guarantee your eligibility or prioritization for housing or rental subsidy support. 

    Additional Resources 

    The City of Santa Monica works with the following organizations to help people experiencing homelessness.

    Step Up on Second
    Permanent housing, recovery services and vocational training.
    (310) 394-6889

    The People Concern (formerly OPCC)
    (310) 450-4050

    St. Joseph Center
    (310) 399-6878

    Upward Bound Family Place
    Temporary housing for recently homeless adults with children. 
    (310) 458-7779

    LAHSA Homeless Services
    (213) 225-6581

    New Directions
    For Veterans - emergency, transitional, and permanent supportive housing.
    (310) 914-5966

    West Coast Care (Family Reunification)
    (310) 351-2565
    Visit the Blue Gazebo on the Santa Monica Pier, Monday through Friday at 11 a.m.


    Continuum of Care (CoC) Graduate Program
    CoC participants who demonstrate that they no longer need the full range of services can apply for a Housing Choice Voucher through their service provider. Talk to your service provider to see if this program is right for you.

    Emergency Housing

    Are you looking for emergency housing? 

    The Santa Monica Housing Authority does not provide emergency housing.

    If you need a place to stay in the case of an emergency: