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Santa Monica Housing Division - Tenants





Tenants' Rights

Click here for more information about your rights as a tenant.

Affordable Housing Production Program (AHPP)

Do you live in an AHPP (also known as inclusionary) home? Learn more about the maximum incomes and rents, what's required for annual income certification, and rent increases. 

Preserving Our Diversity (POD)

If you're a low-income senior who has lived in a rent-controlled apartment in Santa Monica since before January 1, 2000, you may be eligible for the POD financial assistance program - learn more

New Leasing Requirements 

Beginning October 9, 2020, one-year leases are required in Santa Monica along with other new rules. Visit City Planning to learn more.


Santa Monica Section 8 Tenants: If you are interested in porting to another city, please contact your housing specialist.

Section 8 Recipients Interested in Moving to Santa Monica: If you receive Section 8, or Housing Choice Voucher, from another city and want to move here, learn how the process of "porting" works

Continuum of Care (CoC) Graduate Program

CoC participants who demonstrate that they no longer need the full range of services can apply for a Housing Choice Voucher through their service provider. Talk to your service provider to see if this program is right for you.

Current Santa Monica Voucher Holders, the following links may be relevant to you: 

2020 Utility Allowance Schedule

2021 Utility Allowance Schedule will be effective February 1, 2021

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