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Individuals with Disabilities

Rent Control in Santa Monica

Don't live or work in Santa Monica?


Are you a veteran? 

Step Up on Second - Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing
(310) 394-6889's list of resources

Individuals with disabilities

If you or a member of your household has a disability and needs help finding or paying for housing, the following organizations may be able to assist you: 

Disability Community Resource Center (DCRC)
Center for Independent Living dedicated to supporting the equality of life for people with all kinds of disabilities. The Santa Monica office is located at Wise & Healthy Aging at the Ken Edwards Center.
(310) 394-9871

New Hope
Nonprofit organization developing housing for persons disabled by AIDS/HIV. Their main office is located in Glendale, but they have a property in Santa Monica. 
(818) 546-8929  

Rent-control in Santa Monica

For a list of rent-controlled apartments in Santa Monica, visit the Rent Control department's website.

Don't live or work in Santa Monica?

Try contacting the housing authority in the city where you currently live or work to see if they have an open Section 8 waitlist: Los Angeles County Housing Authorities.


Santa Monica Section 8 Tenants: If you are interested in porting to another city, contact your housing specialist to request the port paperwork.

Section 8 recipients interested in moving to Santa Monica: If you have a Section 8 voucher from another city and want to move to Santa Monica, learn how the process of "porting" works.