Rent Control Seminars and Newsletters

The Rent Control Agency hosts several seminars throughout the year. If you missed a seminar, you may find a PowerPoint presentation or a full-length video of it below. Please note that laws and regulations may change over time, and some information presented may become out of date. If you have questions about a particular subject, please contact Rent Control directly and ask to speak to an information coordinator.
Two seminars were held in early May 2024 as outlined below. Each session was recorded and will be posted here soon.
Rent Control 101 Seminar for Tenants 
Rent Control 101 Seminar for Tenants 2024 Video - Tenant Seminar 2024 PowerPoint Presentation
Wednesday, May 1, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Main Public Library, 2F Community Room
Designed for tenants, this seminar provides an overview of the services available through the Rent Control office, how rent and amenities are defined; the protections against eviction, and the remedies available for excess rent, lack of maintenance, and loss of amenities. 

Rent Control Seminar for Property Owners and Managers
Landlord Seminar 2024 VideoLandlord Seminar 2024 PowerPoint Presentation
Thursday, May 2, 10:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.
Main Public Library, 2F Multipurpose Room
Designed for owners and managers, this seminar will cover basics of the rent control law and your rights and responsibilities. We will explain how to use the CIVICS portal for online filing of registration forms, petitions, and exemption applications and demonstrate filing a tenancy registration form. We’ll also show how to pay annual registration fees easily and securely with CIVICS. 

To open or save a PowerPoint presentation, click on the link below and follow the prompts. To advance the slides, you can click anywhere on the slide. To open a video presentation, just click on the link. You can expand the video itself, hover over it, and click the expand tool in the lower right corner.
Landlord-Tenant Forum Video (2023) - Landlord-Tenant Forum PowerPoint Presentation (2023) 
Seminario Para Inquilinos/Tenant Seminar (in Spanish)
2023 General Adjustment Notice Tutorial
Owning Rent-Controlled Property in Santa Monica (2023) (1 hr 58 min)
Owning Rent-Controlled Property Seminar (2023) PowerPoint Presentation
Tenants' Introduction to Rent Control (2023) Full Length Video 
Tenants' Introduction to Rent Control (2023) PowerPoint Presentation
Landlord-Tenant Forum (2022) Full-length Video (1 hour 59 min)
Maintenance of Residential Rental Property (2021) Full-length Video (1 hr 40 min)
Maintenance of Residential Rental Property (2021) Slides

Rent Control News is published by the Rent Control Board twice a year in the spring and fall. The newsletter is written entirely by Rent Control staff and focuses on issues relevant to the Santa Monica rent-control community. The Summer 2023 GA Rent Control Newsletter was mailed to every rent-controlled residential unit in Santa Monica, while a separate mailing with unit-specific MAR information and a form for noticing tenants of the 2023 GA was sent to property owners. 
Spring 2024 Rent Control Newsletter (English) (Spanish) (Farsi) (Amharic)
Fall 2023 Rent Control Newsletter (English) (Spanish) (Farsi) (Amharic)
Summer 2023 GA Rent Control Newsletter (English) (Spanish) (Farsi) (Amharic)
Spring 2023 Rent Control Newsletter
Spring 2022 Rent Control Newsletter
Fall 2021 Rent Control Newsletter