Get to Know Santa Monica’s Newest Universally Accessible North Beach Playground

September 7, 2018 11:40 AM
by Ryan Lutz

On Saturday, Sept. 15, the City of Santa Monica will open its third universally accessible playground to the public. Located north of the Santa Monica Pier where Montana Avenue runs into the beach, this park will be the newest location for families to incorporate a playground into their day at the beach.  

The new playground will include a play area dedicated to children 2-5 years old and another built for children 5-12 years old. Each area includes barrier-free equipment including the two-mast space net, the bird nest basket swing and a sensory garden. All structures will allow for increased maneuvering space and are complimented by accessible surfaces and paths.  

The North Beach Playground’s universal design elements inspire activity, mobility and imagination in children with diverse abilities. Children using a wheelchair and children with physical, cognitive, vision and hearing disabilities can enjoy the floating rocks, sound columns, and a stone abacus that connects with the sensory play elements of touch, feel and hear. Universal design ensures one common play area serves children of all abilities and builds inclusive community through fun and play. 

Kids are not the only ones who will enjoy the universal design, caregivers and family members who use their own mobility devices will find it easier to play with their children in the new North Beach playground. With its wide open spaces and shade structures more people than ever will have the opportunity to fully enjoy a play day at the beach.  

To commemorate the opening event there will be brief remarks made by the Mayor Pro Tem Gleam Davis and Recreation and Parks Commission Chair John C. Smith, followed by open play for children 2-12.  

Authored By

Ryan Lutz
Administrative Intern