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Information About Incomplete SMPD After-Action Report

A January 23rd Los Angeles Magazine piece focuses on a Santa Monica Police Department after-action review.  Immediately following the devastating events of May 31, review was to take two forms: an after-action review conducted by the Santa Monica Police Department, followed by review and any follow-up investigation deemed appropriate by an independent entity.  

SMPD hired an outside agency, Field Command, to support its production of its internal after-action report. Field Command was hired by and reported to former Chief Cynthia Renaud. SMPD did not produce a final report to City leadership by August as initially promised. To the contrary, former Chief Renaud indicated that SMPD’s draft report was incomplete.  

To expedite a comprehensive and transparent review process, the City Council consolidated review to focus on one independent and complete after-action report to be produced by OIR Group. All Field Command materials have been provided to OIR Group.  

Should Council determine that further investigation is needed after the OIR group produces its independent report, further action could be taken at that time.  Regular updates on OIR Group’s progress, including community listening sessions, are shared at  

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