Santa Monica Housing Office - Greenway Meadows

Greenway Meadows, located at 1820 14th Street, opened in spring 2021.

It was constructed by Community Corporation of Santa Monica*, with a $10 million investment from the City of Santa Monica. If you’re a senior (age 62+), earn low income, and are interested in being considered for any future openings at this building, please apply to the Below Market Housing (BMH) waitlist.


  • elevator building
  • air conditioning
  • energy efficient appliances
  • community room
  • laundry room
  • on-site manager

All of the 38 apartments at Greenway Meadows have one bedroom and one bathroom and are required to be affordable to seniors earning low to moderate income in Santa Monica – with rents ranging from $538 to $1,214. Certain apartments will be designed for persons with mobility, vision, or hearing accessibility needs.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for this property, applicants must:

  1. Be 62 or older
  2. Earn minimum income, before taxes, per year of $16,885* and no more than the below amount:
      • 1-person household: $47,340
      • 2-person household: $54,060 
      • 3-person household: $60,840
    *no minimum income for households with a Section 8 voucher

Priority will be given to applicants who: 

  • Live or work in Santa Monica. To be eligible for this priority, the head of household must meet ONE of the following:
    1. Live in Santa Monica;
    2. Work in Santa Monica at least 25 hours per week (or did prior to March 1, 2020, but lost employment due to COVID-19-related reasons);
    3. Participate in an approved job training program in Santa Monica;
    4. Have last worked at least 25 hours per week in Santa Monica and now receive unemployment, worker’s compensation, vocational rehabilitation benefits, disability benefits, or retirement benefits from the City of Santa Monica.


Please note that vacancies in the Greenway Meadows building are required to  be  filled through the City of Santa Monica’s Below Market Housing (BMH) program  waitlist . By applying to the BMH program, you will be notified  of all apartment vacancies for which you are eligible. However, if you are interested in Greenway Meadows only, you can simply opt out of any other opportunities for which you are notified.

*Community Corporation of Santa Monica is a non-profit organization that restores, builds, and manages affordable housing for people of modest means. Founded by community leaders in 1982, Community Corp. has built or restored more than 80 properties throughout Santa Monica, creating over 1,800 affordable homes and transforming the lives of more than 4,000 people every year. For more information visit:

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If you do not meet the requirements listed above for Greenway Meadows, you can still apply for the Below Market Housing waitlist for other housing opportunities at  

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